1. Name and its location:

The Saudi Epidemiology Association, hereafter called "SEA", located at Riyadh and recognized by SCFHS.


2. Vision, mission and aims:

a) Vision:

To take public health in Saudi Arabia to its highest level

b) Mission:

To improve the professional practice of epidemiology and to promote awareness, control, and to prevent diseases in Saudi Arabia, by undertaking community and hospital based epidemiological research initiatives. (ERU)

c) Aims and Objectives:

SEA aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Collaborate with clinicians, scientists, and partner institutions within the kingdom and internationally, who have mutual interests in hospital and population-based Epidemiology research

  • Improve the research skills of clinicians and scientists in the design and conduct of epidemiological studies.

  • Promote epidemiology through developing and teaching of epidemiology courses within the region.

  • Provide health policy decision makers with the most accurate technical and scientific information and propose appropriate health interventions related to emerging and endemic health events of public health concern (ERU)

3. Activities:

  • Holding conferences, symposia and seminars to discuss issues related to its field.
  • Conducting scientific researches in areas of interest and encourage the conduct and dissemination of the results of such researches, distribution and exchange with scientific bodies.
  • Publishing newsletters or periodical, or both covering the researches and studies related to areas of interest to the association.
  • To improve health awareness level in the community through publications or other means of media.
  • Provide scientific consultation in the field.
  • Arranging scientific competitions in the area of competence of the association.
  • Participation in continuing education and training programs in areas of specialization.
  • Participation in exhibitions, conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally.
  • Invite scientists involved to participate in the activities of the association.
  • Contributing to issuing rules and clinical evidence for the association.
  • Participation in evaluation of the professional and scientific qualifications of practitioners in the field of association in agreement with the relevant authorities.

4. Membership:

The following three types of members can be offered:

a) Honorary Membership: 

This can be offered to those, who have contributed financially or morally supporting SEA development. The honorary member shall be exempted from any yearly dues. These member may attend the General Assembly meeting and its different committees but he will not have a right to vote in decision making or in election.


b) Complete Membership: 

This can be offered to those who will meet the membership requirements and having a university degree in the field of the association provided that the member is currently residing in the Kingdom or gulf countries.


c) Affiliate Membership: 

This can be offered to those who would like to be affiliate to the association without being residents in the Kingdom, does not have a university degree in the field of the association