What we do ?

  • Holding conferences, symposia and seminars to discuss issues related to its field.
  • Conducting scientific researches in areas of interest and encourage the conduct and dissemination of the results of such researches, distribution and exchange with scientific bodies.
  • Publishing newsletters or periodical, or both covering the researches and studies related to areas of interest to the association.
  • To improve health awareness level in the community through publications or other means of media.
  • Provide scientific consultation in the field.
  • Arranging scientific competitions in the area of competence of the association.
  • Participation in continuing education and training programs in areas of specialization.
  • Participation in exhibitions, conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally.
  • Invite scientists involved to participate in the activities of the association.
  • Contributing to issuing rules and clinical evidence for the association.
  • Participation in evaluation of the professional and scientific qualifications of practitioners in the field of association in agreement with the relevant authorities.
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